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Through the eyes of a child, riding a bicycle is often their first taste of freedom and flight! Children are amazing and learn habits quickly. At Pure Energy Velo, we want to provide children that sensational opportunity to fly and get that first taste of freedom. Hopefully, it’s a feeling they want to experience for a lifetime.

Riding a bicycle takes place outdoors and can provide a child exposure and appreciation to community and the natural environment. Cycling with other children helps to develop social skill. Children develop coordination, balance, and learn to understand their own bodies. Furthermore, cycling as active play is a great source of exercise. In the United States, *approximately 30% of boys and 40% of girls is at risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which is avoidable through regular exercise and balance nutrition.

*Outdoor Foundation – “Getting Youth Active: Inactivity among American Youth”
Pure Energy Velo will partner with schools to educate and advocate riding a bicycle as a fun and effective form of exercise. Educating children about a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle is actually investing in the future of America!

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