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San Dimas Elementary School visit before the BIG race!


ff-haught3The Friday before our first big San Dimas Stage Race, the Fearless Femmes were privileged to speak with over 300 excited youth at San Dimas Elementary School! Mandy Heintz, Irene Ossala, and Starla Teddergreen spoke about the fun, fitness, safety, and benefits of riding. Of course, we showed off our cool kits by Vie13 and our superlight Guru Photon V4 road bikes. The kids were mesmerized and hopefully inspired to ride a bike as part of their exercise and play! While the kids may have been smiling and in a frenzy, I think the Fearless Femme had the most fun and had a great time!

ff-haught4Stay tuned for our next school visit as it leads into the Redlands Bicycle Classic!

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