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Bicycle racing takes focus, commitment, passion, intelligence, and teamwork. While there can only be 1 winner in bike racing, it is the collective sacrifices and efforts from teammates that enables victory. Each one of our athlete-ambassadors is committed to training and racing at the highest level, engaging in daily sacrifices in order to achieve a goal. Being a part of a company or organization employs similar dedication, sacrifice, and teamwork to be successful. More importantly, a healthy employee is an effective employee.

Bobby Lea

A number of our athlete-ambassadors have competed in track World Cups, World Championships, and Olympics! As guest speakers for your event, let our athletes-ambassadors share their chronicles of dedication and perseverance with your organization. Take examples from bicycle training and racing and turn them into motivational sentiments that resonate with your employees.

Pure Energy Velo can also work your organization to develop team-building events that are cycling related. Help your company identify strengths and weaknesses within your groups or committees, and develop coaching methods that empower your employees to perform more effectively. Using efficiency modeling exercises such as a “Team Flat Repair”, one can identify weaknesses of an operation and ways to improve them, akin to Six-Sigma or Lean Enterprise. In addition, build teamwork and have fun, by practicing a bicycle team time trial, and correlate how each individual’s contribution directly impacts the final result.

Furthermore, by advocating a cycling theme into your company, an employee gets exposed to a fun and healthy exercise. Pure Energy Velo can help your company develop bicycle programs that encourage cycling as a healthy form of exercise. We can partner with our bicycle industry vendors to create inventive programs that encourage an employee to stay motivated to ride a bicycle. A company with healthy employees enjoy the benefits or greater individual productivity, a happier working environment, less downtime, and can reduce the company healthcare costs.

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