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Visualize a gorgeous fall day and riding with your family on a meandering road. Brisk air, leaves in full bloom, and the sound of your children laughing as they pedal to catch up. Peer over to the right, you see a father shadowing his daughter on her first training wheel-free bike ride. Yes, her arms are a little shaky, but it’s eclipsed by her smile and shouts of elation. Notice a car driving by and waving at you because they notice you safely riding in a bunch. Twenty mile bike ride?…No problem, you have the tools and skillset to fix a flat or perform emergency repair. You aren’t just an inspired rider, you are an empowered rider.

The changes in our economy, politics, and technology has made riding a bicycle more than just a physical challenge. Riding a bicycle has become financially infeasible as the costs for bicycles has risen, yet quality of craftsmanship and assembly has eroded due to the “big box” retail supermarkets. Riding a bicycle has become less safe as motorists and cyclists are not fully aware of bicycle laws, and are often distracted by media devices while driving. Bicycle friendly roads and trails have lessened as development and construction have overpowered the need for a healthy and family-oriented activity. Youth no longer seek the thrill and taste of “freedom” of riding a bicycle because tablets, phones, and multimedia devices have dissuaded their attention and interest towards sedentary and unsocial activity.

In a hustle and bustle world that so many American’s must endure, riding a bicycle often provides that physical salvation that not only benefits the body, but eases the mind and invests in the soul. Active cyclists are traditionally happier, more aware, more effective at work, environmentally conscious, and physically and mentally, healthier.

Pure Energy Velo hopes to advocate and inspire members of the community to revisit that sensational feeling of riding a bike for the first time…no hands…wind at your face…as the sun sets…across the finish line…with your loved one…the smell of fresh air…with a big smile! When you welcome cycling into your life, you welcome a happy, healthier, and more conscious lifestyle that benefits yourself and your community.

PEV Ambassadors

Pure Energy Velo’s ambassadors are professional and amateur bicycle riders of all age levels, men and women, and who ride all the forms of bicycles: Mountain, Road, Track, Road, BMX, Cyclocross, and Recreational Commuter. Our team includes Olympians, National champions, engineers, teachers, doctors, Mothers, Fathers, and students. Each of our ambassadors have their own amazing stories that inspire them to ride as more than just exercise. We hope to share those stories and experiences, as well as basic knowledge about fitness, nutrition, maintenance, and safety that will help you overcome the hurdles that prevent you from riding a bicycle.
Come ride with us!

You can rest assured that your money will be well spent. Simply put, your money will ultimately go to the advocacy of riding a bicycle and towards the community of cycling. If you have any questions about our cause, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can click on the donate button that is located on each page and pick an amount. It’s that easy! We accept every major credit card. If by chance you need to send us a check, that can be done at check out as well.

We love hearing stories from other folks who have had cycling change their lives! Please use the contact form to share your story. Or you can email us your story. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our offices are located in beautiful downtown Lambertville, New Jersey.

We provide plenty of activities and services. Please visit our About Us page for more information.

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